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A Texas Oil and Gas Lawyer Considers Greenhouse Gases

As a Texas oil and gas attorney, I have viewed the “global warming” debate with growing alarm. When the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (“IPCC”) initially issued its fourth report, I was concerned because the IPCC is made up primarily of politicians, not scientists. Next, I read the report thoroughly and then did my own research. My independent research led me to the conclusion that the IPCC’s findings were in large part: 1) based on no research at all; 2) were based on non-peer-reviewed research; or 3) illogical, tenuous or unjustified extrapolations from unrelated research. Despite these problems with the report, large numbers of people wanted to join the IPCC and Al Gore in proclaiming that global warming was caused by manmade greenhouse gases. It is even more alarming at how many people continue to chant this mantra, even after the flawed science (or lack of science) behind the IPCC’s report has been revealed.Recent news has demonstrated to an even greater degree just how ill-conceived, biased and misguided the IPCC’s report was. Notwithstanding the evidence of how flawed the IPCC’s report is, the EPA, at the direction of the Obama Administration, has sought to treat greenhouse gases as toxic, and to regulate them.

Major industries in Texas, including agriculture and oil and gas production, unquestionably produce some carbon dioxide. The idea of regulating the greenhouse gases, and in particular, the CO2, produced by these industries as a toxic substance is irresponsible, however. Not only is this kind of regulation misguided and politically motivated, the economic costs of regulation could be staggering, especially in this recession. Why would the federal government want to beat on us when we’re down??

It is especially heartening to see the Texas Governor, Rick Perry, take on the EPA by bringing suit to stop EPA from regulating greenhouse gases in Texas. Many of us are cheering for him!

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