What Clients Say

“Aimee Hess really went to bat for me. Not only did she go beyond her job description to advise me in how to go about proving my heirship, but I ended up getting nearly double the original royalty offer, and over double the lease payment that was originally offered. It was obvious to me that she had my best interests at heart, and was willing to fight for them. This has gone from being a wonderfully helpful sum to being a life changing amount of income for me, and it is because of Ms. Hess.

She was thorough, efficient, communicative and patient throughout the entire process, and is a real force to be reckoned with!”

Ava Farber

“Thank You for a great job. We appreciate your help in closing negotiations with two pipelines in a timely manner that we had been working on for six months. You always made sure we knew all our options and gave good advice. You have been very easy to work with and we will certainly contact you when we are in need of help again.”

Kay Smith, Shirley Moon, Phil Dixon, Lynn Dixon

“We felt from the very beginning that we were in good hands with Aimee Hess. She never let us down. She was kind, concerned and patient as we navigated my brother’s estate. We never had to check up on the status, she was always on point and kept us fully informed. This was a difficult and emotional time and it was so comforting to know that this part of the process was handled and handled with expertise. We will continue to use Aimee for future legal needs.”

Jerry Scotch

“When I received the offer from the landman to run a new pipeline through my property, it sounded like a good deal. Having never dealt with anything like that, I avoided the temptation to take the offer. Instead, I sought advice from Aimee. She was very understanding and started the ball rolling from day one. She stopped the numerous telephone calls, letters, and emails from the landman. Aimee made the entire process easy for me with clear instructions, timely answers, and a proactive attitude. In the end, she helped protect my property and was able to negotiate a significantly higher compensation package than was originally offered. ”

Bellville, Texas

“When our family attorney told me that she did not have experience with easements, we knew it was definitely not something we could handle on our own. I found Aimee Hess through the Lawyers.com website.

From the first contact, I felt comfortable with Aimee and her method of communication and processes – all from afar. It quickly became obvious that she has much more expertise than the attorney representing the other party. Their proposed easement evolved into a purchase of a small portion of our rural land, which we felt was the cleanest option and most beneficial to us.

Aimee patiently led us through the process and took care of every detail, covering things we would never have thought about. She kept the other attorney and the title company on their toes to ensure everything was handled correctly, thoroughly, and in a timely manner.

Without hesitation, we recommend Aimee Hess to handle legal matters, especially those mind-boggling ones pertaining to real estate.”

Corky & Mike McCorkhill
Arlington, Texas


“Aimee Hess was very professional, cooperative and has an excellent knowledge of the oil industry. She is easy to work with on projects. I would recommend her for any oil related projects.”

Willis Mahon


“We were shocked when we were contacted by a landman who was a representative fro a oil company interested in leasing our land.
We live in Illinois and when we received the oil lease, we knew we needed an attorney. We contacted our attorney. He had no experience with oil leases. He recommended getting an attorney living in Texas. He contacted some of his attorney friends and they recommended Aimee Hess. We contacted her about our situation and explained that two families own the land.
Aimee took it from there, she guided and kept us informed every step along the way. She would ask us if we had any questions or concerns. After she answered our questions she would bring up more questions that we never thought of. She had many suggestions for us but always let us make the final decisions. She also went out of her way to help us understand the oil business, so we could make better decisions.
We would recommend Aimee to anyone who needed an attorney dealing with oil companies.”

Boyd and Martha
June 25, 2015


“Thank you, Aimee, for your leadership, knowledge, patience, and assistance in getting our mineral rights situation resolved. None of us had known our grandfather (who owned these rights). None of us, through our parents, had any idea of our mineral rights in West Texas. The various parts of our clan had not had contact with one another in over 30 years, so this episode has rejoined us.

Aimee, I think any of us would willingly recommend you to others that have similar mineral rights issues, especially if they live a long distance from the property.”

Jim Venable
LaGrange, Kentucky


“Living on the west coast and being inexperienced in such matters, I was quite overwhelmed with uncertainties after inheriting mineral rights in Texas and receiving a lease offer. I consider it a true blessing of divine providence that I discovered Aimee Hess on the internet and was able to connect with her and receive her professional support and representation. From the outset, and throughout the process, I was struck by her keen intelligence and knowledge – she is truly a deeply informed and experienced expert in her field – as well as by her genuine warmth, friendliness and caring. She has a heart of gold, and went out of her way to help me in ways she didn’t have to. She is highly professional, tough and capable, while personable and easy to communicate with. I would enthusiastically recommend her services to anyone. Once in her hands, I went from feeling anxious and overwhelmed to feeling calm and well taken care of. Looking back, too, I know with peace and confidence that I did the best thing possible by obtaining her representation, and can rest confident in the knowledge that the lease terms she negotiated for me are the best possible.
Thank you and bless you, Aimee! You were a godsend.”

Kirsten Williams
Eugene, Oregon


“I was very fortunate to contact Aimee Hess after reading her web article about possible tax and liability issues involved with oil and gas royalty income. Aimee gave me a quick education of the entire oil and gas royalty process and told me about all my options and the pros and cons of each. After working with Aimee I decided to sell my royalty interest and Aimee helped me negotiate a great price and lifted the burden off my shoulders of owning an asset I initially knew nothing about.

Aimee was very reasonable in her fee and no additional fees were charged when negotiations dragged on. She had excellent follow thru in all areas and made the sale of my royalty, which is a complex issue, understandable and much easier.

I would highly recommend Aimee Hess for anyone looking for a Texas attorney with her specialties.”

Tom A.
Palos Verdes Estates, Ca


“First, I want you to know that I’m happy to have had the opportunity to have met you when my niece and I met with you back in July 2010. I am glad she chose you as our Attorney. I applaud you for being SPECIAL and STEADFAST. You are one of a kind who endures the time,compassion and one with a heart of gold.

You did an excellent job. THANK YOU. Aimee, I think you, my niece and I could write a best seller book regarding what we had to go through.

Aimee, I looked in a dictionary for the definition of SPECIAL ATTORNEY (which you are) and I saw YOUR PICTURE AND YOUR NAME THERE. Again, thank you for what you did for my favorite niece, and our family.


Rosie P.
Dallas, Texas


“Aimee, I just want to tell you how pleased and grateful my brother and I are with the help and guidance you gave us throughout our Mineral Rights process. Being from Ohio and Florida, we had no idea where to start and how to get help until my brother found you through the Texas Bar Association. We couldn’t have found a better organized, knowledgeable and patient person. Thank you from the two of us. We hope to get to meet you sometime in the future.”

Sue P.
Marblehead, Ohio


“I had no experience with mineral rights when my family was recently asked to lease our oil and gas rights to 38 acres in Texas. I knew we needed an attorney after having read the unfamiliar language used in the proposed lease. Living in Oklahoma, I found it difficult to find a local attorney familiar with Texas oil law. Thank God I was referred to Ms. Hess by another lawyer too busy to help us. Aimee was extremely knowledgeable of the Texas oil/gas industry and negotiated much greater royalty and acreage bonus amounts than the Landman initially offered, or my family thought possible. She was always willing to answer my questions and concerns. I felt her fees were quite fair and best of all, none of them were hidden! She is a great communicator and always kept us up to date.”

Scott G.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


“My husband and I were offered an oil lease for our property, I knew we shouldn’t just sign it, but I didn’t know who to contact for help. Luckily, I found Aimee on the internet. She was FANTASTIC. Even the landman said that it was a pleasure dealing with her. She is knowledgeable, personable and tough. She gave advice, never pressuring us one way or the other and by following her advice, we got a great deal and she ensured that our property and us were protected in the process.”

Gay R.
Seguin, Texas


“When I found out I needed an attorney in Texas to help me with an inherited mineral rights deed and an oil and gas lease contract, I had no idea who to call since I live on the west coast. Fortunately, the Texas State Bar steered me to the right person with the very first phone call. Aimee was very easy to talk to and answered all of my questions, even the ones I didn’t even know to ask! I would not have understood the daunting legalese of the contract without her professional advice and recommendations and am so grateful for all of her help. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing legal services.”

Pam M.
Portland, Oregon


“Aimee is smart, tough and efficient. She has served as our local counsel for development, leasing and litigation activities for nearly thirty years. Her input and assistance have been invaluable. She helps us make decisions as if she owned a vested interest, and was not just our lawyer.”

Robert Finley
Manager, Marsh Road LLC
Owner, Finley Interests


“Aimee Hess has been my attorney since 1978, both in business while I was with Trammell Crow Company and in my personal dealings. She accepts any task with aggressive enthusiasm and proceeds with intelligence, professionalism and purpose, with steadfast attention to detail.
It has been my good fortune to consider her a true and good friend. She has my highest recommendation.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.”

Wells Field
Former Senior Property Manager
Trammell Crow Company
Dallas Industrial Division


“Over several years it has been my great pleasure to work with Aimee Hess on a challenging and involved project in Dallas. She has always done a thorough, professional job and has acted as more than just an attorney: she is adept at stepping into an owner’s shoes and providing representation which is keyed to the owner’s perspectives and needs. I recommend her without qualification.”

Alan Roodhouse
RPS Development Company, Inc.


“When confronted with the difficult task of selling a property for my mother in Texas while I lived in another state I knew that I need to obtain legal counsel to coordinate the transaction and ensure that my mother’s interests were protected. I searched the internet and found Aimee Hess. Aimee was truly a godsend. It was a complex transaction that ended up being much more difficult than any of us could have expected. Aimee was a true professional through the whole process. I sincerely appreciate the service Aimee provided and would recommend her to anyone needing legal services.”

Wayne W.
Payette, ID


“My wife and I would like to express our appreciation for your handling of our oil and gas lease. As you know, we were very nervous since we are not from Texas and had no idea what to expect when we received multiple lease offers from different oil companies. Things could not have gone more smoothly. Due to your negotiations, our bonus payment and royalties are substantially higher than the original offers, and the difference proved your fees to be a very good investment. Not only that, but you have been a pleasure to deal with and always replied promptly, even when we started getting jittery and called you several times a day asking dumb questions!! You pleasantly assured us that our concerns were being addressed. In the end, everything went exactly as you said it would. We were very skeptical
about finding an attorney who would represent our interests properly, and we are so happy that we found you. We would highly recommend your services. It truly was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again!”

Steve and Lisa P.
Ventura, California