Practice Areas

For over 42 years, I have focused my practice in the areas of real estate and oil and gas law.

In the area of oil and gas law:

  • I negotiate equitable oil and gas leases for mineral owners in which bonus and royalty paid to my client are maximized and their surface property is protected.
  • I negotiate fair pipeline easements for property owners in which payments for the easement to my client are maximized and the balance of the property is protected.
  • I represent landowners in negotiating and implementing access and survey permits for their property, with fair and reasonable limits for the activities on their property.
  • I represent landowners in connection with seismic and other testing agreements, to make sure their property is protected during and after the testing.
  • Where my client owns only the surface of the land but not the mineral interests, I negotiate surface use agreements with the oil company to protect my client’s surface estate.

In the area of real estate law, I represent both buyers and sellers in connection with the sale and purchase of real property. My services usually include drafting the initial contract, review of the title commitment and the survey, and preparation of closing documents, all while coordinating closely with my client, protecting their interests and working with the other party in the transaction and the title company to achieve my client’s goals.