I will be glad to provide brief, initial phone consultations without charge. Keep in mind, however, that while some questions can be addressed fully in a phone consultation, others are going to require review and analysis of relevant documents and possibly research regarding the application of current law to the situation.

In my experience, hourly fees often encourage inefficiency for both attorneys and clients. As a result, for most of my clients, I suggest a fixed, or task-based-fee. In other words, I first review the details of your particular legal situation or issue. Next, I prepare a fee proposal that outlines the services I believe are necessary and the attorneys fees and out-of-pocket costs for those services. The fees and costs listed in the fee proposal are the only fees and costs you are charged. That way, you know up front exactly what my representation will cost.

There may be some occasions in which the nature of the legal issue or the preferences of my client dictate use of an hourly fee billed with monthly invoices. In those cases, I’m happy to use an hourly fee structure, but even in these cases, I will provide estimates of what I believe the fees and costs will be.