About Aimee Hess’ Firm

The philosophy that guides and informs my law practice is to deliver the very highest quality of legal services to my clients on a very cost-effective basis. I am not only dedicated to my clients’ success, I am accessible and down to earth, and I keep an eye on my clients’ bottom line.

My passion is to help my clients be good stewards of their real property and mineral assets. That means helping my clients get the most out of any real estate or oil and gas transaction, as well as protecting their property and mineral assets.

The transactions with which I assist my clients include:

  • oil and gas leases
  • pipeline or utility easement survey permits
  • pipeline easements and rights-of-way
  • sale or purchase of mineral interests
  • assignments of mineral interests
  • division orders
  • royalty payment or nonpayment issues
  • curing mineral title defects
  • utility/transmission line easements
  • surface use and damage agreements
  • purchase and sale of real estate
  • access easements
  • solar easements
  • wind turbine easements
  • cell tower easements

I deliberately choose to represent only landowners and mineral owners. I never represent oil companies or pipeline companies and so I can always be certain that I will never have a conflict of interest in representing my clients. In addition, I constantly monitor my caseload to ensure that I’m always able to give prompt and personal service to each client. I never want to become “too busy” to give each client the attention they need and deserve.

I’m gratified that many of my clients have been with me for almost 43 years, and repeatedly turn to me for assistance with their real estate and mineral issues and transactions.