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As a Texas oil and gas and real estate attorney, I have observed first hand how devasting this financial downturn has been for a number of my clients. Unfortunately, when our economy goes south, many people struggle to pay their bills, simply because there is not enough money to go around. With unpaid bills come debt collectors.

My guest blog today is written by Sergei Lemberg, a consumer attorney who specializes in fair debt law. I learned recently that Sergei had been involved with the Chrysler bankruptcy on behalf on consumers. In his words: “When Chrysler filed bankruptcy, the company didn’t want to pay lemon law claims, and a group of lawyers and I wrote a letter to the US Trustee complaining that this isn’t fair. … I posted the letter on the LemonJustice blog, and the link ended up circulating like fire around the country, including the Auto Czar’s office, the NYT Times, LA Times. Random chance, but the newspapers picked up the story, and the car maker finally caved”. Way to go, Sergei!

Please take a moment to review his article regarding harassment by collection agencies. You can find more information about fair debt collection on Sergei’s website,