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Another Oil Company Expands in the Texas Permian Basin

Parsley Energy Inc., based in Midland, Texas, has been buying undeveloped and productive land in Reagan County.

Parsley Energy is an independent oil and natural gas company founded in 2008 with operations in the Permian Basin. The company develops unconventional oil and gas reserves. It has grown exponentially in the past few years, from a start up with two people to a company that operates several hundred wells and produces more than 12,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. The company owns more than 97,371 surface acres in the Midland basin and 121,211 surface acres in the Permian. They have horizontal and vertical wells in the core of the Midland basin and expect to continue to grow and produce good rates of return on investments. This appears to be borne out by their latest $252 million purchase in Reagan County, which breaks down into $26,000 per net acre with $60,000 per flowing barrel of oil equivalent. They have added more than 16,000 net acres and 456 net horizontal drilling locations, including these newly announced locations in Reagan County, since their initial public offering in May 2014.

As Parsley Energy develops its assets in Reagan County, they will be requesting leases from mineral owners. This means mineral owners in Reagan County need to consult with an oil and gas lawyer before signing any leases. Signing leases without consulting a lawyer can lead to financial losses and stress. See my previous posts on this issue here and here. It’s not worth the risk yo your land or your finances not to get input from an oil and gas attorney.

Many of Parsley’s plans were in place before the recent drop in oil prices. It remains to be seen how lower prices will impact their plans.

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